The new generation of anti-aging hydration

For the optimal treatment of dehydrated skin, Maria Galland reinvented the concept of hydration and created a new generation of anti-aging hydration, the Hydra'Global series, which has a comprehensive, synergistic effect:

  • maintains the skin's own
  • self-hydrating powers strengthens the protective
  • functions of the skin stimulates skin activity

All this based on a brand new technology: A blend of effective moisturizing active ingredients and anti-aging anti-aging complexes for complete hydration, which maintains the skin's youth. Hydration is an essential step in beauty care at any age.

Dehydrated skin as a skin problem can occur at any age and with all skin types (oily, combination, dry...).


  • Dull complexion -lack of natural glow
  • Roughness
  • Skin feeling tight
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Unpleasant skin sensation
  • Gentle lines


The luxury of choice!

If dry skin makes your life difficult, your skin is tense, red, itchy and you would like to treat your skin to a nourishing cream, then the NUTRI'VITAL product line is right for you.

The brand-new product line built around the iconic No.5, i.e. the cream of five, is the novelty of the year 2022, which, in addition to technological innovations, offers you different variations of textures and scents, so you are sure to find the perfect choice.

Among the active ingredients, valuable oils, strong antioxidants and fermented ingredients ensure that the skin is nourished, soft and velvety. Biomimetic lipids are among the active ingredients, which means that they look the same as the skin's own components, so the skin immediately sees the product as if it were its own part after using it, so it can use it and integrate it right away. It also contains an active ingredient that serves as a "power bank", which continuously supplies the cells with energy, like an external phone charger. As a result, the skin's protective layer is restored, cellular functions become active, the skin becomes full of life, fresh and radiant.


Discover the unique beauty ritual! MILLE, the complete solution for preserving the youth of the skin The summer season means a lot of weddings and special occasions.

Whether you are the bride, mother of joy, witness, sister or best friend, you too deserve to shine in the most wonderful way. Get ready for special occasions with the renewed, exclusive Mille Majestic Ritual. The Mille product line itself contains the most unique active ingredients, which also show amazing results for home care.

The main active ingredients of the product line are 24-karat gold, white truffles, firming peptides, special cell activator and mother of pearl. In addition to these main active ingredients, the product line also contains vegetable oils, nourishing lipids, stem cells, and vitamins. The active ingredients, scents and textures alone give a special experience, but the majestic ritual of Mille provides complete relaxation before the big day. 90 minutes of complete relaxation, in which the focus is only on refreshing and beautifying your skin and yourself, so that you can be in your best shape and shine.


The SENSI'REPAIR product range is our latest beauty care solution for sensitive skin, which provides a radiant and uniform skin image day after day.

Sensitivity can develop with any skin type, even with oily, dry, greasy and dehydrated skin. It is crucial that the first step is to treat the sensitivity and then be able to properly care for the skin type. The members of the Sensi'Repair product line have been specially developed for the needs of sensitive, reddened skin types. The most important thing is to restore the barrier protective layer of the skin, while protecting it from external negative stimuli and stress. The active ingredients include probiotics, which rebuild the barrier, as well as aloe vera and fermented Swiss honey extract, which soothe and strengthen the skin. The moisture binding factors nourish and hydrate the skin, and the biomimetic lipids protect against negative external influences. These lipids are almost equivalent to the skin's own structure, so you can easily recognize them, thanks to which you can use them and incorporate them, thus protecting the skin as a whole.


A unique anti-aging product line and treatment for women in their 40s! Are your 40s characterized by youthful energy, drive and effervescence as much as your 30s, as if you just celebrated your 30th birthday in spirit?

With the Lift'Expert method, Maria Galland has created a unique anti-aging product line and treatment specifically to enhance the beauty of women in their 40s. But as time progresses, do you view your complexion more and more critically? Although you know that every wrinkle, every little crow's feet has its own little story - a good laugh or a night spent crying - and the reflection of these experiences makes you truly unique and special, you still want to regain the firmness, strength and smoothness of your facial skin, the delicacy of your facial contours, perfect shine - in a word, to bring out the youth that lives in you. With the Lift'Expert method, Maria Galland has created a unique anti-aging product line and treatment specifically to enhance the beauty of women in their 40s.


Innovative solution for the first signs of skin aging!

Juggling work, family and free time is not an easy task, often 24 hours a day is not enough.

  • As women in their 30s, we face many new challenges today: govern our marriage, our relationships,
  • we take care of our children,
  • we try to hold our jobs and then we haven't even talked about, for example, a possible one about the considerable trials and tribulations of buying an apartment, etc.

This intense life is full of success and enthusiasm, but unfortunately it also goes hand in hand with stress and lack of sleep, and this hectic pace also leaves its mark on our skin: the first signs of aging appear:

  • the first wrinkles and crow's
  • feet become visible on the face
  • the complexion loses its radiance the complexion is not as even as before the skin becomes thinner, drier, more sensitive

A simple, not too time-consuming, but effective solution is needed, which immediately restores the radiance of the skin and preserves its youth. Maria Galland's Lumin'Éclat concept gives you everything you need in this situation.


To activate the beauty of mature skin

They keep coming and going all day, there's no stopping, everything revolves around them in the same way as 10 years ago. They hardly notice that they have already reached the age of 50. This is a turning point not only for them, but also for their skin. In this case, an effective solution is needed that activates the beauty of mature skin and meets its changing needs! Are you also looking for this effective solution? Experience the unique firming power of the Maria Galland Activ'Age product line and visible results! Say YES to Activ'Age products, which help you to ensure that your skin perfectly reflects your beauty from within. 


The members of the renewed BODY CARE product line combine the needs of the skin, body and soul. They help to release and nurture female energy, thereby revealing the true, unique and characteristic beauty of the face.

It is very important that skin care does not end at the décolleté, but it is also worth paying attention to the rest of the body, so that the skin is beautiful, fresh and healthy. In addition, with body care, a "harmony" is created, which will be reflected in the condition of the facial skin. The Maria Galland Art of Body Care product line was born as a solution to this. A body care family with a more holistic approach, designed to produce endorphins - the hormone of happiness - in the brain through skin cells and the sense of smell. The use of the product -in addition to skin care- really affects the soul as well, filling the user with positive energy. This is called neurocosmetics. The product line enchants us with two fascinating scents. With a warmer, sweet vanilla and an energizing citrus scent. By layering the right products on top of each other, a special harmonious scent is created, which really helps you escape from the rush of everyday life.