The energy of beauty.

The Maria Galland method reflects the refined Parisian taste, as each treatment is customized and complimented by the work of exceptional hands, even the collections of the major French fashion houses. Maria Galland addresses connoisseurs of beauty care, those who are looking for premium quality and visible results, who expect a real experience of completeness and well-being from each treatment.

Why choose the Maria Galland product range?

Maria Galland is a globally recognized French professional cosmetics brand with more than 50 years of skin care expertise, which is available in leading beauty salons offering quality skin care. Our expert beauticians offer an individual skin care method starting from the first signs of skin aging according to the original French method. 

If you want to enjoy comfort and luxury, then this is YOUR place! Come and try our services! You can find everything from relaxing anti-aging treatments, eyelash styling to match your face, and professional make-up!