About the training 

I would like to pass on as much and the best of my knowledge as possible during the trainings and thereby develop your individual makeup skills. The courses are theory- and practice-oriented. I only work with professional and world-brand product lines and I ensure this during the training as well. You only have to bring your own brushes. One time approx. 5-6 hours and there is an exam at the last session for the 3 suitable and 5 suitable courses. A certificate and a diploma are awarded after each session. We photograph each finished model and discuss what needs to be taken care of during photo shoots. I prepare food and drink for the classes, of course, by prior arrangement, avoiding food intolerances and allergies. A model must be provided to the student for each lesson.

In the classes, I always present the make-up first, and after a short break you do it on your model, of course I will be there to help if you get stuck or ask for my help. 

For more information or if you have any questions, feel free to call: +36 30 563 4303

With the completed training, you can only start a business with a beautician or beauty consultant qualification. In the absence of these, you can work as an employee. The school is a school registered in the adult education system and provides a type B certificate!