Maria Galland Treatments

Method Mosaic Modelante Treatment


Maria Galland creates the Mosaic Modeling Method, a skin care method that combines for the first time a personalized diagnosis, a precise gesture, and the application of a mask with unprecedented self-heating power.

The Mosaic Modeling Method offers spectacular results, and becomes iconic in just a few months.


Maria Galland Paris revisits this legendary skin treatment, for all women seeking an experience respectful of their skin, with both short and long term visible results.

Lumin'Éclat Treatment

75 minutes of relaxing and exclusively manual treatment steps, including intense cleansing, to reveal in a single session the natural radiance of tired, dull skin, lacking energy. A kick of freshness makes tired eyes shine with beautiful radiance once more. The treatment offers a true break for skin exposed to a hectic pace of life. Special massaging movements boost energy intensively and bring skin back into balance.

  • Healthier-looking skin
  • Restores radiance
  • Smooths the overall skin texture (reducing fine lines, enlarged pores, and accumulations of dead skin cells)

* Results of a user test conducted with 30 women (aged 20 to 40) with dull skin after a single LUMIN'ÉCLAT TREATMENT performed under dermatological control

Lift'Expert Treatment

Give to your skin the LIFT'EXPERT skincare treatment to get instantly visible results

Specifically developed to meet the needs of the skin, Maria Galland Paris has developed unique treatments, combining professional performance products with 100% manual massage techniques.

Enjoy the unique experience of a Maria Galland Paris treatment in your institute: relax thanks to the expert hands of your beautician and enhance the beauty of your skin with a personalised facial treatment.

The LIFT'EXPERT TREATMENT immediately firms and defines facial contours, fills and smoothes wrinkles, and gives the face a more lifted and sculpted appearance revealing visibly younger skin. To ensure that this treatment meets your needs, a skin diagnosis will be performed by your Maria Galland Paris esthetician before the treatment begins.

After a Welcome Ritual including massages and breathing exercises, a relaxing make-up removal and a scrub will prepare your skin to receive the LIFT'EXPERT TREATMENT.

The 100% manual lifting massage, designed specifically for the LIFT'EXPERT SOIN, is a combination of deep glides, anti-ageing movements and intense kneading, including palpating and rolling. This massage instantly lifts, firms and plumps the skin while stimulating cellular activity.

After the modelling, relax with the application of a lifting mask, while your esthetician performs a modelling of the décolleté and arms during the mask takes effect.

A final ritual will be performed to mark the end of this absolute relaxation moment.

Nutri'Vital Treatment

This blissful and lavish treatment envelops dry to very dry skin in perfect, caring comfort.

Nourished, comforted and revitalized by the combination of the NUTRI'VITAL products with the well known Maria Galland Essential Massage, skin becomes soft, velvety and radiant once more.

60 minutes of pleasure!

Escape for a moment of pure pleasure.

Experience both the effectiveness and the sensoriality of the NUTRI'VITAL experience, thanks to the golden hands of our practitioners.

Our professional protocol is a voluptuous 60-minute treatment that envelops dry to very dry skin in absolute nourishing comfort, combining our products, including the iconic N° 5 cream, with our signature Maria Galland Essential Massage.

Our promise? Nourished, comforted and revitalised, the skin becomes supple, velvety and radiantly beautiful. 

Rituel Mille Sublime Jeunesse

More than just a treatment, this is a true sensory experience that combines relaxing movements with state-of-the-art anti-aging techniques for moments of timeless escape.

At its heart, 1000 MILLE Le Masque Sublime Jeunesse, a mask with an innovative hydrogel texture, enables the actives in the TOP-CMG complex to diffuse deep down, while giving skin an incredible feeling of freshness and wellbeing.

Combined with a complete massage of face, neck and décolleté, it offers true moments of relaxation for body and mind.

The extraordinary actives work in synergy to offer skin an all-round effect on signs of aging: hydration, regeneration, smoothed skin, firmness, elasticity and reduction of wrinkles.

At the end of the ritual, skin is sublime and reveals a new youthfulness.

Activ'Age Treatment

Specifically developed to respond to the needs of mature skin, our ACTIV'AGE treatment combines high-performance professional products with 100% manual massage techniques for visible results from the very first treatment.

At its heart: esthetic lymphatic drainage movements preceding a series of petrissage movements,

pummeling and deep effleurage movements for proven visible results.

  • A 100% manual sculpting massage
  • More supple and smoothed, and well nourished, your skin sparkles with beauty.
  • Targets all the signs of time instantly.

Hydra' Global Treatment

This new treatment provides a boost of hydration, and a kick of freshness and energy instantly.

Instrumental study*: + 36 % SKIN HYDRATION after 1 treatment.

  • The skin gains NEW ENERGY and RADIANCE
  • DRYNESS WRINKLES appear reduced
  • The skin looks PLUMPER and FRESH, the skin is LUMINOUS

Sensi'Repair Treatment

The SENSI'REPAIR treatment has been specifically designed to respond to the needs of the most sensitive skins. 45 minutes of intense relaxation and serenity to regenerate, relax and soothe skin. A professional technique that combines relaxing and de-stressing movements.